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Against the Law

There are two things that the law of The State frowns upon most severely.

The first is refusing to accept its paper pseudo-money in exchange for real goods and services.

The meaning of ‘legal tender’ is that which when offered for payment, must be accepted under penalty of law.  Not much enforcement is needed of that law at the moment, but we are on the cusp of the era where enforcement will become more and more necessary and more and more severe.

Thus it was with the French paper pseudo-money called the Assignat.  Eventually, the guillotine was the punishment for those who refused to accept it, yet still it was refused.

Making pieces of paper legal tender does not of course mean that they suddenly becomes real money.  If they were real money The State would hardly need to enforce their usage by the death penalty.

The second law that The State enforces most severely is not only non-payment of taxes, but encouragement to not pay taxes.

Non-payment of taxes in significant amounts will often result in a longer prison term than murder… literally.  The reason is that The State couldn’t care less about justice; what is cares about is power.  Power over the lives of you and I.  Non-payment of taxes is a threat to the survival of The State, second only to removal of their right to issue legal tender.

And talking about it?  Yes, recommending or in any way promoting, that people do not pay their taxes is a serious crime.

So obviously, and quite sincerely, I am not for one minutes suggesting that people avoid paying taxes to The State.  On the risk/reward basis it is not worth it.  The State is far advanced toward self-destruction already.  Best to comply and allow it to continue on its path to self destruction.

It is important though to understand the importance attached by The State to these laws.

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