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Of Gods, Governments and Ghouls

Doug Casey made the point in one of his entertaining articles that a free person could physically bond with a socialist, but not psychologically.  He rated that as being on the same order of probability as successfully psychologically bonding with a chimpanzee – which caused me to chuckle.  It is of course entirely true; though I think that even physical bonding with a socialist would be a rare event, occurring only under the influence of too much alcohol.

In the 17th century, Rene Descartes wrote, “cogito ergo sum” – I think therefore I am.  This was the cogent expression of a revolutionary concept at a time when most people believed that emotions and consciousness existed externally.  People went to such places as fairgrounds to find the happiness that could be obtained there.  They believed that a god and other forces such as witches and bad spirits, ordained their lives; that external forces determined their thoughts and actions and moods.

Four hundred years later nothing has changed, with the exception that many have transferred their servile allegiance to governments instead of gods.  One belief is on the same order of irrational magnitude as the other.  The difference as a concept between the validity and authority of a god and a government is non-existent.  Many believe that happiness can exist in a piece of legislation passed or a pill swallowed, in the same manner that many still believe in the word of god.  People avidly read about the ‘famous’ in glossy magazines and watch them on television with the tenuous hope that they too will become famous by doing so.  Tarot cards, crystal balls, feng shui and astrology are thriving.

What Descartes was bringing into the light of day is that there are two sorts of people: those who believe that they are wholly in charge of their own destiny, in this life and beyond, and those who believe that they are merely leaves in the gusting winds of gods, governments and ghouls.

Democracy is always and everywhere doomed to failure because there are far more gusting leaves than there are free people.  Most people do not and have never accepted ‘cogito ergo sum’.  They believe that they exist therefore they need to be told what to do; “Non est ergo sum credo” – I don’t think therefore I am not responsible (according to Google Latin).  These people infest all areas of society, but are most numerous in parliaments, prisons and public services.

Conflict between these two quite distinct species is entirely predictable and unstoppable.  Those who don’t think and merely exist, presume a right to live off those who think and produce.  The latter rightfully and strongly resent this; they are also beginning to resist it.  The gap is widening; the pressure is building.

It would be better were the two groups to separate out and evolve in their own ways.  They have already almost entirely stopped breeding together; why not formalize it?

Taxes, Freedom and Life After Prison

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I have been too busy to write for a while, but here is something from Larken Rose that is well worth reading:

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The Future

November 21, 2011 1 comment

Four generations have been inculcated with the belief that government spending creates prosperity.  Nothing could be further from the truth – as is now on display for anyone who cares to look.  Government spending creates poverty on a vast scale.  It is not only that it wastes money, it is that the money that government spends has been extracted from businesses who then no longer have it to increase their productivity.  

The government is not just an expensive nuisance, it is the sole cause of unemployment and the primary cause of business failure.  The word ‘unemployment’ did not even exist in the English language until governments started to interfere in ‘their’ economies.

We are well past the point of no return.  The future is one of a continuing massive contraction in genuine production leading to a massive contraction in wealth creation, employment and standards of living.  The only thing that will be increasing is taxation, but only at the level of demand – at the level of supply that will also be contracting because of an increasing inability to pay.

The era of free medicine and cheap food and energy is almost over, as is the welfare state in all its ghastly manifestations.  The cock-ups, caused by government interference in the markets, are now coming home to roost.  The result will be devastation, with large numbers of people literally starving.  Whilst this scenario has long plagued parts of Africa and Asia, when it happens in the West its manifestation will be shocking to those caught up in it.  The western world has considered itself immune to such scenarios.  It is not.  We still remember the Weimar experience, not because it was major, in terms of hyperinflations it was not, but because it happened to white people in the western world.

What other way can it end?  The lean years are now upon us.  Anyone who is still labouring under the belief that governments can sort all this out and ensure a smooth ending will end up as one of the starving.  Government is always the problem – never the solution.  Life at the basic level is about survival.  Take care of yourself and your family, for no one else will.  Help others if you can.

The concept of an all-powerful State is now very wobbly indeed.  The final act of destruction will be to take as many of the people with them as they can.  There are those that will use their eyes to see what is in front of their face and those that will continue with their head in the sand.  The latter will perceive reality with some other part of their anatomy.

Reality Continues to be Denied a Voice

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The world economy is on its knees.  Unemployment is far higher than official figures show; real economic growth is in negative territory, again, despite official figures to the contrary.

What is the solution?  The solution is as obvious as is the fact that it will never be implemented.  Get the government out of the way.  Cancel the legislation that destroys the incentive to produce real goods and services and thereby jobs and prosperity.

There is nothing that governments can do to build or an economy; they can only destroy an economy.  This they have done in an historically impressive manner.

For business to demand that the government ‘do something’ is akin to chickens appealing to the fox for aid with egg production.

If ever people work out what it is that is destroying not only their jobs and their wealth, but the future prospects for their children and grandchildren, then the lampposts throughout the land will be sagging under the weight of the bodies of politicians and central bankers.

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End Game

August 4, 2011 1 comment

Okay, it’s time to address the end game of what is playing out.  To discuss such matters too early is to risk the idea being placed in the category of ‘ridiculously far-fetched’ which then serves to delay even more the point where your audience finally confronts reality.  Reality can be ignored of course, but the consequences of so doing cannot (Ayn Rand).  Being prepared to look at reality at least presents a chance to predict the best course of action and then to do something.

The end game is now close enough that it can no longer remain in the closet.  The banks will fail… every single one of them.  It will start with ‘runs’ on banks.  Governments will try desperately to print fast enough to restock banks, but they will not be able to keep up.  This will be followed by ‘bank holidays’ where withdrawals will be reduced to a bare survival minimum each week.

Prior to this time will come steep (massive) rises in essential goods… foodstuffs will be particularly noticeable.  This, and this alone, will force on people the emergent realization that paper money is becoming worthless.  This will be followed, finally, belatedly, by the killer realization that government printed money  is not money at all.  This will be the realization just prior to all hell breaking loose.

The ‘cure’ of endless printing to restock banks will become the unintended vehicle for people to observe that paper money is intrinsically worthless.  When it happens it will be shockingly fast, certainly in days, not weeks.  It could well be in hours.

When it does happen the banks will just shut.  Will the media inform us that this is a possibility beforehand?  Throughout this whole crisis, beginning in 1971, the media have proved themselves incapable of predicting anything at all.  To be fair, the primary purpose of the media is to report on events that have happened, not to predict them.  That is what ‘news’ is.  Don’t bother watching telly to find out what is going on.  They don’t have a clue and will be caught as unprepared as almost all other people.  The end of the world as we know it won’t be on telly as they will be as closed as the banks.

You will receive three warnings.  The first is what you are reading right now.  The second will be when you go to get some ‘money’ out of your ATM and your card is refused.  The third will be when you go to the bank to ask what is going on and you find an armed guard in front of a locked up bank.  Get the joke?  People will die from this bad joke, but it won’t be from laughing.

I flew into London yesterday to have lunch with sixteen of the most famous gold minds in the world today.  It was a sumptuous affair where the Moet and great wine and food flowed freely.  They were in celebratory mood at the ‘price of gold’.  They are wonderful people and I had a great day.  I regard them all as friends.  However, very few of even these worthy gentlemen have even an inkling of the magnitude of the game afoot, none that I am aware of had actually done anything whatsoever to prepare for the end game other than hold some physical gold.  That is not enough.  Ever heard of non-perishable foods?  If you don’t have any then such gold as you have will be spent buying them.

I am not sure now how many more articles I will be writing.  The more than eleven years that I have spent trying to warn people as to what is happening is coming to an end.  The end game requires that we all try to take care of our own.    The time of concern and worry over humanity in general is almost over for a while.  Such nobility requires a higher level of potential survival than is in our immediate future.  I have no regrets over the time and money that I have spent writing, talking, organising and beseeching.  If I have caused even one person to prepare then it was worth it.

I have run two blogs: one for the mainstream and one for those who have more understanding of the events unfolding.  Usually I just write and then decide which site I will put it on.  Oddly enough I have found that the last two articles that I have written I have posted on both sites.  I can no longer pull my punches and speak conservatively.  We are now down to the nitty-gritty end game.

Signing off over a beer in Vienna.

Taxing Online Retailers

The new excuses for seeking to impose an online retail tax is to provide a level playing field to the fixed position retailers that are already paying the tax.

This is a necessary switch of justifications by The State. Their excuse for retail (and most other) taxes in the past has been that the retailer enjoys all the infrastructure provided by the government and must therefore pay a contribution toward it. Now they want it just because they need it and it is there. The reality is that The State is desperate to increase its income. Anywhere they feel that they can confiscate wealth will do just fine; the justification for doing so can be thought up later.

What is largely overlooked by The State in its myopic grandiosity is that online stores would struggle to exist were it not for taxation. It is the disincentive provided by taxation that has forced retailers and consumers to flee to the internet. Internet retailing only came into existence because of taxation; the taxations advantages for the consumer of internet shopping far outweigh the inconveniences. If The State now tries to apply taxation to online operations then one of two possibilities will eventuate.

1/ They will be successful and online operations will be severely hamstrung or, more likely, forced to close down. These businesses will not return to fixed position having already been forced out of that modus operandi through taxation. They will simply cease to be profitable and thus cease to exist… along with the jobs that they provide.

2/ They will not be successful and more and more fixed position retailers will get the message and make the switch to online.

Either way The State is caught up in a dwindling spiral of falling revenue. The State is busy killing its golden goose and in so doing is speeding up the process of its own demise. Good riddance.

Anarchy or Violence?


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