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The End of Civilization?

No solution can be found to any problem until the correct cause is identified.  The cause of the current meltdown is the fact that we are using paper quasi-money issued by The State instead of money.

Real money cannot be manipulated, paper ‘money’ can… and has been and is.

Those who understand that gold is money yet also predict that civilization is on the verge of coming to an end are well wide of the mark.

The collapse of the latest experiment with paper ‘money’ will be quickly followed by the clarion call of the bugles as the gold standard cavalry rides to the rescue… yet again.

If you believe that the 20th century with its rampant political corruption and abuse of power, unprecedented wars, massacres, starvation on a massive scale and destruction of whole cultures and races was civilization then… words fail me.

The emergence of the gold standard will once again herald the start of civilization, not the end.

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