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Junk History

“Those who don’t know history are destined to repeat it.”

Edmund Burke

The problem with this saying is that whilst true, it is misleading.  It fails to point out that almost the whole of recorded history is Junk History that bears little relationship to the truth.

The actual happenings of history, from the individuals who made startling breakthroughs, to the events that shaped the future direction of humanity, are obscured with platitudes paying homage to humanity’s worst.

Not only is history written from the viewpoint of the ‘winners’ as has been often pointed out, but it is also written from the point of view that the lives of the ‘winners’ or ‘losers’ are worth discussing.

Possibly they are, but only in the most dismissive and condemnatory sense.  As an example of how not to waste ones life on worthless and destructive pursuits.

Our civilisation was not built by The State with its violence and destruction; it was built by people, decent people, who created and constructed despite all incentive by The State to not do so.

The Emperors, Pharaohs, Presidents, Kings, Queens, Prime Ministers, Fuhrers and assorted other ratbags have contributed nothing.  Civilisation arose despite them, not because of them.

Civilisations arise because of free people using honest money.  Then they fall as The State first assumes a monopoly control of the money supply and then degrades the money.

As the money fails so does civilisation.

People create civilisations, The State destroys them.  But you won’t read that in history books… yet.

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