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Government and Coercion

October 23, 2010 Leave a comment

Government by its very nature relies on coercion. For a government to maintain its authority it must utilize either violence or the threat of violence. That applies to all governments of all brand names and political persuasions.

If this is not believable to you then try not paying your taxes, or try suggesting that others stop paying their taxes.

Anarchy is defined as the absence of government (an ‘without + arkhos ‘chief, ruler’.

Therefore anarchy can be properly described as the absence of monopoly violence.

Anarchy does not of course mean that violence would cease to exist. It does mean that it would cease to exist on a systemic basis and would thus be diminished.

Anarchy is the belief that it is time to move beyond the constraints of group rule by monopoly force to the era (and heightened consciousness) of self rule by individual reason.

Those who fear such a future fear their own reason, or lack of it. The mentally feeble, the irrational and the outright mad cannot be allowed to hold back humanity any longer.

We can no longer permit the lowest common denominators to stifle and destroy our civilizations.

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Understanding Money

October 16, 2010 Leave a comment

This is a great series of DVDs which explain simply what money is and why it is so. These are worth 20 minutes of your time.