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Reality Continues to be Denied a Voice

The world economy is on its knees.  Unemployment is far higher than official figures show; real economic growth is in negative territory, again, despite official figures to the contrary.

What is the solution?  The solution is as obvious as is the fact that it will never be implemented.  Get the government out of the way.  Cancel the legislation that destroys the incentive to produce real goods and services and thereby jobs and prosperity.

There is nothing that governments can do to build or an economy; they can only destroy an economy.  This they have done in an historically impressive manner.

For business to demand that the government ‘do something’ is akin to chickens appealing to the fox for aid with egg production.

If ever people work out what it is that is destroying not only their jobs and their wealth, but the future prospects for their children and grandchildren, then the lampposts throughout the land will be sagging under the weight of the bodies of politicians and central bankers.

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