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A Sick Economy?

December 31, 2010 Leave a comment

An economy is just the combined transactions of all the people of a nation.

How could an economy be sick if everybody is buying or selling what they want to buy or sell at a price that they find acceptable?

The answer of course is that an economy can never be sick. An economy will always respond in the best possible way to create the lowest possible prices and the highest quality possible goods and services.

No, an economy cannot be sick, but people such as politicians and bankers and well connected corporations with their constant attempts to distort the market by obtaining preferential treatment certainly can be, and are, sick.

Only government has the power to artificially distort the market.

Of course such distortions are always accompanied by wonderful PR about why the distortions are necessary and in the people’s best interests.

Whether The State’s brand name is communist, fascist or socialist, only they gain by distortions to the voluntary market.

How many people today believe that they are well off in this hugely regulated economy? Put down your hands if you are a politician, public servant, banker or suited city financier.

How many hands do you see?

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An Upside Down, Back to Front World

December 23, 2010 Leave a comment

I would like to credit someone for something that I read somewhere recently that brought this into focus in my mind. The problem is that I cannot remember either who wrote it or where I read it and I could not find it with a Google check…

We live in an upside down, back to front world where the courts destroy justice, where Big Pharma and Big Medicine destroy health, where agribusinesses destroy nutrition, where the news media destroys truth, where defence forces destroy peace, where educators destroy learning and where bankers destroy money.

Is it any wonder that people are so fucked up and confused? They know that something is majorly wrong, but have no idea where to look for the cause. The cause sits in front of their noses every single moment of every single day. Government is an archaic idea whose time passed soon after the dawn of the agricultural era. From that font of evil springs all that is wrong in our world today.

One can either have civilization or one can have government. One cannot have both.

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Law and Justice

December 12, 2010 Leave a comment

The legal system has nothing to do with protecting people’s property or rights, and everything to do with imposing The State’s will upon its subjects.

The legal system is not a deviant child of justice. It is a quite separate thing that was borne of the desire to control, not the desire to right wrongs.

The only connection that exists between law and justice is that the law requires an absence of justice to be effective.

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A Fool and Their Money

December 11, 2010 Leave a comment

People are not responsible for debts that were assumed by The State.

The State does not represent the interests of the people.

Any housewife knows not to spend more than household income. Indeed, ‘managing the household budget’ is the derivation of the word ‘economics’.

The debts assumed by The State accord with the definition of ‘Odious Debt’ which means debt never intended to improve the welfare of the people it was purportedly borrowed for and which fact was known by the lenders. Such debt is therefore invalid.

The lenders will get nothing, but then fools and their money have always been parted. Whether they are sovereign fund fools or hedge fund fools is irrelevant.

The real question is what do we do with the political charlatans who created this mess, and the rogues who lent them the money expecting us to pay it off… hhmmm?

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