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The Future

Four generations have been inculcated with the belief that government spending creates prosperity.  Nothing could be further from the truth – as is now on display for anyone who cares to look.  Government spending creates poverty on a vast scale.  It is not only that it wastes money, it is that the money that government spends has been extracted from businesses who then no longer have it to increase their productivity.  

The government is not just an expensive nuisance, it is the sole cause of unemployment and the primary cause of business failure.  The word ‘unemployment’ did not even exist in the English language until governments started to interfere in ‘their’ economies.

We are well past the point of no return.  The future is one of a continuing massive contraction in genuine production leading to a massive contraction in wealth creation, employment and standards of living.  The only thing that will be increasing is taxation, but only at the level of demand – at the level of supply that will also be contracting because of an increasing inability to pay.

The era of free medicine and cheap food and energy is almost over, as is the welfare state in all its ghastly manifestations.  The cock-ups, caused by government interference in the markets, are now coming home to roost.  The result will be devastation, with large numbers of people literally starving.  Whilst this scenario has long plagued parts of Africa and Asia, when it happens in the West its manifestation will be shocking to those caught up in it.  The western world has considered itself immune to such scenarios.  It is not.  We still remember the Weimar experience, not because it was major, in terms of hyperinflations it was not, but because it happened to white people in the western world.

What other way can it end?  The lean years are now upon us.  Anyone who is still labouring under the belief that governments can sort all this out and ensure a smooth ending will end up as one of the starving.  Government is always the problem – never the solution.  Life at the basic level is about survival.  Take care of yourself and your family, for no one else will.  Help others if you can.

The concept of an all-powerful State is now very wobbly indeed.  The final act of destruction will be to take as many of the people with them as they can.  There are those that will use their eyes to see what is in front of their face and those that will continue with their head in the sand.  The latter will perceive reality with some other part of their anatomy.

  1. November 21, 2011 at 3:15 am

    Totally agree and this is the way it has always been and will be.

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