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Violence and Anarchy

The shooting at a political rally in Arizona is wrong. The truth that The State is the enemy of the people does not and can never justify violence.

Fire cannot be fought with fire. The violence inflicted by The State upon the people cannot be, and should not, be fought with violence.

Violence is the tool of The State. If those who oppose The State stoop to violence then they themselves become the mirror image of The State. Violence, including counter-violence, enhances the power of The State.

Violence, as well as being morally wrong, is used as an excuse to tighten the vice even further. It will not bring about reform of a kind that will give us back our freedoms; quite the opposite.

Shooting politicians and judges achieves nothing positive. Shooting children is abhorrent and places the killer on the same level as The State.

Being morally outraged to the point of violence really means being morally outraged to the point of losing the ability to reason.

The lack of ability to reason must remain the domain of The State, otherwise what are we fighting for?

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