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Greek Tragedy

Greece is the spearhead in the final push for The State (Europe Inc.) takeover.  It is hard to know for sure who runs who, The State or the Banksters; what we do know is that The State holds the legislative power; that makes The State 100% culpable.

At a time when the Disunited States of America really needed someone able and willing to stand up to the banksters, they saw fit to elect a political Toy-Boy as president.  The loudest, and seemingly most influential, voice in Europe is a pip-squeak, pip-brain demagogue out of France.  The State has gone past the point of even realizing that it is the problem.  They now truly believe that the survival of The State equals the survival of the people.  The State has degraded to its most intellectually inbred, effete and dangerous low point.  It is now a completely unprincipled, blind force bent upon total subjugation of ‘its’ people and survival of The State for its own sake.

If the world really needed a further lesson in the misguided (let’s be kind) belief that it is wise and safe to hand over control of our lives to ‘leaders’ then the current situation is as good a lesson as history can provide.

Should the people of Greece attempt to pay the tribute being demanded then it will become ever more difficult to halt the march of international totalitarianism, which, unless repulsed at some point, is the logical and inevitable result of ANY form of government.

The Chinese, North Koreans et al are at least honest.  They give no pretence to democratic ideals.  They understand, as few in the west do, that government is simply the utilisation of legalised theft backed by a monopoly of force and waged by a small minority against the vast majority.

“It is the workers and the pensioners who are paying the debt”

Ioanna Lagonika – striking electrical engineer, Athens

It is always the workers and pensioners who pay for all debts of The State Mr Lagonika.  That is the nature and the modus operandi of The State.  Who else do you think is going to pay?  Who else do you think has ever paid?

The Greeks in the street are fighting for the freedom of every single one of us.  This is the first real salvo in a worldwide war of liberation… never mind the bleats from C.I.A.-controlled groups like Anonymous.  The real tragedy is that the Greeks still don’t understand what it is that they are fighting for.

It’s Time Greece

The revolutions not on telly,
There’ll be no X-Box game.
You’ll never know… until you do,
Then life won’t be the same.
Reality will be exposed
When people finally see,
The perks are for the suited jerks,
Never you and me.
All governments are Welfare States
They live off people poor.
They never let us be
And just keep coming back for more.
The brand name doesn’t matter,
They all play the ruling game.
They take from people what they make,
It’s always been the same.
It’s time to burn their buildings
And chase them out of town.
They’re parasites, all of them,
It’s time to take them down.
Will there still be loonies?
There always will be fools.
But when The State has gone
It’s not the loonies making rules.
It’s time to rise up off our knees,
It’s time for freedom’s peace.
It’s time to lead the world again,
It’s time for glory Greece.

The Burden

May 27, 2011 1 comment

What is it that lies between a person and happiness?  What is that vast, yet unseen and mysterious, force that hangs over life like a grey and forbidding storm cloud?

The joie de vie of youth does not maintain; one moment there is a carefree youth, the next a person bent and sullen by a sudden burden too large to easily bear.

The hopes and dreams and enthusiasms of the young become warped and twisted.  Hopes become fears, dreams become resentments and enthusiasm is dampened down by the cold sponge of duty.

And for whom is this duty?  Why to The State of course.  You must work for it, pray for it, sing an anthem to it, speak glowingly of it, wave a flag for it and then, when necessary, either die for it or give up your child to die for it.

What lies between a person and happiness is madness.  That madness is called The State.

The Worst Possible

So you take all these incredibly ignorant, uninformed, misinformed and intellectually immobilised people and you aggregate their  intelligence and from that supposedly is produced a wise, decision-making capability.  It is no wonder that the world seems crazy… it is.  Every choice is the worst choice possible, every decision is the worst decision possible, every leader is the worst leader possible and every result is the worst result possible.  The fact that anything sensible at all every happens is a system-defying miracle.  But that is mere hypothesis, as nothing sensible ever does happen.  The system cannot be denied.

The frayed remnants of a once great civilization will slouch up to and over the cliff still braying self-righteously about social justice.  Then, those few who survive, with broken bones and hideous wounds amongst the mush and blood of the corpses, will demand to know the percentage of deaths broken down into minority categories.  It will never stop until it utterly stops.  We must be there at the bottom of the cliff to hang the survivors lest they manage to slink off in order to return another day.  There must be an end to this cycle of madness.

Whops, I hope that this doesn’t come over as extreme :-0)

Wealth Creation

April 3, 2011 1 comment

The State is observably, demonstrably and historically an impediment to wealth creation.  The maximum wealth creation can only occur in the theoretical absence of The State.

Why ‘theoretical’?

Because even on a desert island with a small group of marooned people there would still be some fatuous idiot trying to tell everyone else how to live their lives.

Beating the System

March 23, 2011 1 comment

It’s a tough world at the best of times.  When The inglorious State is thrown into the mix it becomes absolute hell.

The system is set up so that you cannot win.  If you work hard you will gain the reward of being highly taxed, exhausted and still dirt poor.

But… if you can win then you beat the system.  Enough money ensures your passage out from the system.  The system is there to ensure that you do not have enough leisure time to start thinking for yourself.

Beating the system is freedom; the only freedom there is; the freedom to think for yourself.

It is not possible in the western world to be both poor and free.

UK-New Unemployment Policy

February 17, 2011 Leave a comment

The UK has announced a radical change to Britain’s unemployment policy…
“’It’s simple, the more you work the better off you will be”
PM David Marshmallow -Daily Mail 17th Feb. 2011

This radical policy will of course take an enormously expensive bureaucracy to supervise, but it is worth it.  This sort of brilliance can only come from governments.  The private sector could never have come up with such a fabulous concept.

So for all you cynics out there who think that government is composed of scaly, self-serving, bucket-dwelling scumbags not fit to tongue-lick clean a sewer, think again.


February 12, 2011 Leave a comment

The truth that all people should be equal before the law does not mean that all people should be equal.  One does not mean the other.

That all should be equal before the law is a prime requirement of genuine Human Rights in any sane society.  That all should be equal requires a complete abrogation of those same Human Rights and can only be achieved by a widespread suppression of basic freedoms.

Not only are they not the same thing, they are diametrically opposed.

An understanding of the  conflict between the mutually incompatible propositions of ‘equality before the law’ and ‘equality’ is a necessary requirement for a successful examination of why our society is in such profound moral decay.

Hosni Mubarak

February 11, 2011 Leave a comment

The resignation of the dictator Mubarak in Egypt is meaningless.  The people have won a change in the personnel of government.  The system survives.

When people understand that it is the system, not the specific people running the system, that keeps them impoverished then, and only then, can we have real change.

Until that time the delusion that we need leaders and governments will ensure our freedom and standard of living will continue to deteriorate.

Ultimately all civilisations are destroyed by the excesses of its government.  They are never content just to live the life of Riley off the productive but uninformed taxpayers.  Eventually their greed utterly destroys not only themselves, but ‘their’ people whose lives they blight.

Only then, in the complete absence of government, can a new civilisation be built.  That time is not now in Egypt, thus the people will continue to get poorer until eventually they start to starve.  And will they then realize that it is the system that is fucked?  Not a bit of it, they will start to demand the return of Hosni Mubarak.

I really do get a little frustrated at times :-0)

Votes for Prisoners?

February 11, 2011 Leave a comment

“Those who commit a crime have broken their contract with society.”  With those words the British parliament rejected the European Court’s directive to give prisoners the vote.

There are some problems that rank in the category of ‘blindingly obvious’ here.  A ‘contract’ is a written or spoken agreement between two or more parties that is enforceable by law.  Both parties must sign or openly state their agreement to the contract for it to be enforceable.  There was no such agreement, either written or verbal, therefore there was no contract.

Nor is there any such entity as ‘society’.  When politicians claim the right to lord it over the rest of us they do so with the justification that yes, individuals will lose out, but society is the winner.  The fact that such irrational nonsense is not instantly dismissed is a testament to the appalling level of education dispensed by The State.

‘Society’ is a word coined by politicians to describe the aggregate of ‘their’ individual citizens…. their milk cows.  ‘Society’ has the same connotation as ‘herd’.

How can someone break a contract that doesn’t exist with an entity that also doesn’t exist?

British politicians are pretending to stand on principles of which by the very nature of their jobs they have proved themselves bereft.  Any vote cast to determine ones master is an acknowledgement that one is a serf.

As one has to be a serf to vote then surely a locked up prisoner has definitely qualified.  However, they should only exercise that option if they wish to confirm the legitimacy of their serf status.