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The State Exists to Exploit You

Prior to the 18th century there was a widely held, but very primitive and destructive belief with regard to money.  Namely, that if you wanted some you had to take it from someone else.

Thus governments roamed the nations of the world killing and looting.  Pirates sailed the high seas doing the same.  Whole nations were enslaved and vast empires formed.

The Latin word for ‘prostitute’ is meretrix.  It comes from the verb ‘merere’ meaning ‘to earn money’.

Earning money was regarded as the lowest of low pursuits.

Those of ‘noble’ birth or aspiration never worked and never earned money.  They stole it from those less powerful than themselves and considered themselves superior because of it.

The more they slaughtered and stole the grander the titles they gave themselves.

Then, in 1815, England went on a Gold Standard.  It quickly became apparent to working people that when there was real money that held its value over time it was possible to create wealth.  Thus a totally radical idea entered the human consciousness.

Under the Gold Standard ordinary working people began to create wealth and to accumulate large sums of money.  The Americans coined the term ‘making money’.  The rest of the world literally didn’t understand what they were talking about*.

Under the Gold Standard home ownership for ordinary people became an affordable reality.  It had never even occurred to ordinary working people before this that such a thing was possible.

Our modern concept of childhood as a time of education and play arose out of the Gold Standard.  Prior to that a child toiled from the moment they could walk.

Retirement became possible because the money held its value over time and people could put a portion aside and then use it in their advanced years.

Serfdom and slavery were abolished under the Gold Standard.  Not for all the ethical reasons, but because it became obvious that it was more profitable to employ people who wanted to work and earn money, rather than whip and feed people who didn’t.

Ordinary working people became wealthy beyond even the dreams of their forebears.

This was considered a very dangerous trend indeed by ‘noble’ people.

Governments persist to this day in the belief that one who aspires to the ruling class shouldn’t stoop to earning money.  So they continue to steal from those who do honestly earn their money.  These days the reason is cast in more presentable terms, but it remains the same; to live off the hard work of others.  It is made presentable by the ruse of pretending that they are performing valuable services in exchange.

The ‘nobility’ (today they are called politicians) is now desperate to put the genie back in the bottle.  Free and wealthy people quickly got ‘above themselves’.

Gold money was forbidden and governments are determinedly re-enslaving people.  But because governments have never understood money they have, in the process, destroyed their own golden goose.  They squeezed the goose so badly with their paper pseudo-money, and with their huge levels of taxation, that it became impossible for people to create wealth anymore.

Without created wealth there was no one left for the nobility to live off.

Thus the system is collapsing.

When The State can no longer rob its own people it will set off again on wars of conquest and plunder.

And it is us, the working people of the world, who have caused this.  We have had a democracy, but instead of voting out the whole concept of ‘nobility’ we have persisted in the futile endeavour of trying to create a form of nobility that would oppress us less badly.

Every single system of State control that people can think of has been tried.  Fascism, pharohism, socialism, state capitalism, communism, theism… none of them work.

The reason that they don’t work is because people don’t wish to have their money and property stolen.  It does not matter the brand name of the thief.

Humanity evolving to a higher level of existence has as a precondition the utter destruction of the whole crazed idea that anyone should have the right to become wealthy by stealing.

That means the utter destruction of the concept of The State.

Only free working people create wealth.

The State only takes wealth.  They create nothing whatsoever, except hardship, poverty, inequality, misery and a lower level of human existence in general.

The State still holds on to the primitive and destructive idea that to gain money one must take it from someone else.

The State is similar to a cancer in that it eventually kills itself, but not before it has killed the host.

The host is humanity.

* Creating wealth

The wealth creation process is best described in the example of a woman who has 50 ounces of gold.  She approaches a builder and offers to give him 50 ounces of gold if he will build her a house.  The builder agrees.  He builds the woman a house according to the specifications.  When the house is finished he hands it over to the woman who then gives him the 50 ounces of gold.

We started with 50 ounces of gold.  Now we have the builder with 50 ounces of gold in his hand, and the owner of the new house which is worth 50 ounces of gold.  Wealth has been created.  That is what the Americans meant by ‘making money’.

A person makes money.

The State takes money.

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