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The Welfare State

“Well not you and I obviously, but a lot of people do.  They would go mad with fear without it.”

That response was to my statement that humanity did not need a government to tell individuals how to live their lives.

The defense of the role of The State based upon the idea that ‘some other people’ need it is a common point of view, and entirely erroneous.  It puts the cart before the horse.

It is true than many people today are irresponsible and would indeed likely die if The State were not there to support them with token amounts of their loot.  It is also entirely true that a good number of people would be bewildered by the sudden disappearance of The State.

Why is that so?

The answer is that The State engenders a feeling of dependency amongst people.  It gives handouts to ensure that this is the case.  For The State to hang on to power it strives mightily to encourage dependency upon it.

Feelings of helplessness are actively encouraged by The State.

Why else would people tolerate The State unless they felt that it had some use to people?

The idea that ‘some other people’ are benefitted by The State is not only a superiority complex writ large, it is plain wrong.

No private person benefits from the existence of The State.  Those who are strong are pulled down; those who are weak are made weaker.  All are diminished.

The only beneficiary of a State is The State itself.  Even employees of The State are relegated to a deluded and dismal existences that lacks honour and integrity.

The State exists for the sake of existing.

All States are Welfare States.  They live off money taken from their serfs.

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