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Politics and the Economy in Australia

Australians had no idea that there was even a problem until 2009 when the prime minister suddenly gave everyone in the country $1,000- and encouraged them to spend up.  The $1,000 cheque was accompanied by an assurance that there was no problem.

Under the old truism that nothing can be believed until it is officially denied Australians promptly tightened their belts and began to prudently pay off their debts and otherwise try to get their houses in order.

Thus were Australians brought up to speed on the global financial crisis, more correctly known as the global monetary crisis.

The economically illiterate prime minister then announced a huge tax grab from the only Australian industry still doing well.

Mining share values promptly plunged and foreign investors withdrew from the country… some forever.

The prime minister was removed, in tears and kicking and screaming, from the prime minister’s residence ‘The Lodge’ by his colleagues, but the damage was already done.

Overseas political leaders were truly shocked by his removal and hoped that such precipitous action didn’t become a trend.  It has to be acknowledged that the removal of national leaders simply on the basis that they are delusional crackpots is a bit of a chink in the established order of things.

The fact that he lasted 2 ½ years from when he was elected was a tribute to his entertainment ratings.

Neither his own party, nor even the deputy prime minister appeared to have noticed, or possibly cared, until it was far too late, that he was stark raving bonkers.

The assistant prime minister, who spent 2 ½ years mopping up the PMs froth and spittle, and claiming that it was just a slight cold, was made prime minister in his place.

The new prime minister is hoping to coast into power in the forthcoming election on the strength that she is a modestly attractive woman.  That she is also a dyke with a live-in, male partner of convenience who happens to be a homosexual hairdresser, is being kept very hush-hush by the mainstream media.

Australians are not the most homophobic people in the world, but neither are the majority to be found lining the route of the Gay Mardi-Gras waving supportive pink knickers.

Whilst political parties all over the world have a penchant for locating peculiar people and elevating them to party leadership, Australia really does have it down to a fine art.

The previous Labour leader was also removed after a very short period for matters never specified to the Australian electorate.  I mean, how seriously weird do you have to be to be sacked as a political leader?  What on earth was he doing?

Expectations are that Australians are likely to elect the incumbent former spittle-wiper as there isn’t much else good on the telly at the moment.

To be honest, whilst it has come at a high price, the value of the entertainment on offer is good reason for a re-run.  The pompous prancing and posturing in the attempt to give some substance to the ludicrous claim that the State runs the economy is right up there with Monty Python.

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