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Two Classes

There are two primary classes in society.

The two classes are the producers and the non-producers.

They could also be viewed as the ‘givers and takers’.

The producers are those people who produce real goods and services.  The non-producers are those who live off the producers… literally.

The non-producers are politicians, the external and internal security services (army, navy, air-force and police), public servants and anyone who is a recipient of money distributed by The State.

The producers of real wealth support, via taxes and inflation, all those who do not create wealth in the above categories.

The designation of ‘workers and bosses’ is just State propaganda designed to create a rift amongst those who pay the bills.  That way they fight each other instead of their real enemy.

Divide and Rule has always been a successful tactic, both politically and militarily.  Some ‘bosses’ and some ‘workers’ understand the tactic, but they are in a  small minority.

It is a patently silly piece of propaganda, but amongst people who refuse to see what is in front of their faces it has been incredibly effective for a long time.

The real enemy of all producers is The State and all who share in the ill-gotten gains of The State.

The day that ‘workers and bosses’ unite is the day that we will stop the continuous and destructive process of recreating failed States.

No matter the brand name of The State, they are all non-producers, and always will be.  The State will always be the enemy of the producers.  The State does, after all, exist purely to rob them.

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