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Paper Money

There are only two sorts of paper money…

– those that have already become worthless, and
– those that will become worthless.

There are no exceptions.

The State will assure you that the paper money that you use is different.

They lie.

They know that as long that as you believe that paper is money, then they can keep the systemic fraud going for a while longer.

Experiments with paper representations of money have been occurring since the Chinese invented paper money over 1000 years ago.

If there was any way of making paper money work then someone would have made it work by now.

No government ever has made it work.
No government ever will make it work.

When paper money fails it is always a national disaster.

It involves the complete destruction of the wealth and way of life of the middle class.

It involves starvation, disease and homelessness to those who once couldn’t have imagined such a thing.

It involves the loss of dignity and the loss of hope.

It arrives as if from nowhere.

Only then do people understand, but by then it is too late.

Only real goods are true wealth.

Paper money is not wealth, it is merely the means by which wealth is transferred.

That is why printing more paper money cannot make people wealthy. Only the production of real goods can make people wealthy.

When the production of goods slows down whilst the production of paper money speeds up then that is the sign of that the end is approaching.

Ignore that sign and you risk the survival of yourself and your family.

The only real money is gold and silver.

If you have no real money then you will suffer terribly.

Even if you do have gold and silver you are not immune from bad times and danger.

But without it you and your family will be just anonymous victims.

If you are in a game of poker and you don’t know who the mug is… then the mug is you.

Don’t be a mug, swap your paper pseudo-money for gold and silver… whilst you still can.

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