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Global Elites

The omnipresent global elites seek, and have always obtained, power.  The vehicle for that power is government, any government.  It has mattered not whether the brand name was fascism, socialism, communism or democracy.

All forms of government are pliant enough to be perverted to the elites’ lust for power over the lives and property of others.

Whilst the exercise of power by elites has always had immensely harmful consequences in terms of death, war and impoverishment, we have now reached a critical phase in human development.

New technology has ensured the raising of awareness, not just political awareness, of people all over the world.  But this same technology has also enabled the elites to have within their grasp that which has always eluded them, control of the whole world.

How can the blight of this craving for power be eliminated?

What part of our societies structure is it that so consistently allows these elites to infect every era?  What is societies Achilles Heel?

The answer of course is government itself.  It is no accident that elites control through the conduit of government.  Government exists for no other purpose.

The whole raison d’être of government is to act as a platform for the exercise of control over the lives of others.  Is it any wonder that any government, no matter that it may be initially well-intentioned, is immediately corrupted by those seeking power?

Humanity is well past the point where it needs a ‘leader’ to tell everyone what to do and to extract tribute (taxes).  Indeed we are well past the point where governments became the biggest hindrance to humanity’s advance.

There is today a sense that humanity has the potential and latent impetus to advance to a new level of consciousness.  It will not happen whilst society is weighed down by the leaden boots and steel fists of governments.

How do you get rid of elites?  Get rid of governments.  All governments are inherently corrupt, and corrupting.

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