Maximum State Destruction

We are within sight of the period of maximum State destruction.

All wealth will be destroyed save that which is hidden.  The State will not give up until there is no food left to eat and no wealth left to plunder (N.B. paper money isn’t wealth, it is the temporary illusion of wealth).  Malnutrition and starvation will be commonplace.

All means of production will be stopped, all markets will be destroyed.  Social cohesion will be broken; hatred, fear, mindless violence, despair and destruction will be the daily reality.

Neighbour will fight neighbour and fathers will fight sons.  People will blame other races, other religions, other classes, other political parties, other nations.  Every person will perceive every other person as the enemy.

Only when the nation has been utterly laid waste will The State go, and in doing so allow people to begin the process of recovery.

And then will we repeat the cycle as history shows that we have done so often?  Or will we finally abandon the idea of bosses and serfs and allow every man, woman and child the right to a decent and free future?

David Cameron Resigning?

The Prime Minister of the UK, David Cameron, today stated that “…  it was wrong for the workshy to expect the taxpayer to fund their lifestyles without limit.”
Does this mean he is resigning?

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It’s Time Greece

The revolutions not on telly,
There’ll be no X-Box game.
You’ll never know… until you do,
Then life won’t be the same.
Reality will be exposed
When people finally see,
The perks are for the suited jerks,
Never you and me.
All governments are Welfare States
They live off people poor.
They never let us be
And just keep coming back for more.
The brand name doesn’t matter,
They all play the ruling game.
They take from people what they make,
It’s always been the same.
It’s time to burn their buildings
And chase them out of town.
They’re parasites, all of them,
It’s time to take them down.
Will there still be loonies?
There always will be fools.
But when The State has gone
It’s not the loonies making rules.
It’s time to rise up off our knees,
It’s time for freedom’s peace.
It’s time to lead the world again,
It’s time for glory Greece.

Future Taxes

The collapse of paper money will be preceded by a massive tax grab.  Some new taxes are likely to be, but not restricted to:

Real Estate Tax
All property, which in a hyperinflation will soar in nominal value, will be taxed on the ‘profits’!
The profit will be construed to be the rise in value from before the hyperinflation to the value at the point of assessment.  The ‘profit’ of course will be entirely fictional.  This tax will apply to all real estate including residential homes, investment properties, farms and commercial properties.

Capital Tax
Everyone will have their assets assessed and will pay a tax on the whole sum.

Income Tax
This will rise to extraordinary heights, at least 50%.  As wages rise to keep pace with hyperinflation, yet always at least one step behind of course, so people will become ever more impoverished.

‘Unearned’ Income Tax
Any income derived from sources other than immediate work will attract a tax as high as 98%.  If you doubt this then the precedent is England in the late 1960’s.  The Beatles ‘Taxman’ was written to protest the taxes that drove so many great bands out of the UK.

Corporate Tax
Some businesses, if run cleverly, could well make substantial profits.  Particularly those in the area of food production and exports.  Corporate profit tax will be dramatically raised.

Everything Tax
The reality will be that every ‘thing’ will be taxed.  Until this brief period passes it is best to own no ‘thing’… no ‘thing’ that is visible.

During the final denouement of The State’s great hyperinflation it is best to be totally cashed up with no assets whatsoever.  Houses should be rented, cars should be leased, businesses should be sold.

Cash of course should be in the form of gold and silver which are in ones personal possession and hidden.

This period will be the period of maximum State destruction.  All wealth will be destroyed save that which is hidden.  The State will not give up until there is no food left to eat and no wealth left to plunder.  Malnutrition and starvation will be commonplace.  Medical facilities run by The State will cease to function.  All means of production will be stopped, all markets will be destroyed.  Social cohesion will be broken; hatred, fear, mindless violence and despair will be the daily reality.  Neighbour will fight neighbour and fathers will fight sons.  People will blame other races, other religions, other classes, other political parties and other nations.  Wars will be started to distract the population.  Every person will perceive every other person as the enemy.

Only when the nation has been utterly laid waste will The State and its madness go, and in doing so allow people to begin the process of recovery.

The Abyss Reality

I have started to doubt that there will ever be a defining moment at which point people will say: “oh my God, it’s a disaster; quick get out of the system”.  It seems far more likely now that we will continue to advance toward the abyss incrementally, one little tippy-toe at a time.

The Abyss Reality will only dawn on the vast majority of people once they are in freefall.  It will creep up on them so discreetly that it will not at any point interrupt the television show or the X-Box game… until the screen goes blank.

Life itself has become a show contemplated by an audience…Reality is now merely something we look at and think about, not something we experience. In the real world, what is possible is determined by our resources and the limits of our imaginations, but upon this real world a totally fake world – the Spectacle – has been constructed…in our simplest everyday dealings we engage in the construction of social illusions. The spectacle is a constructed reality.

Matt Mason

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The State and its Pseudo-Money Will Collapse Simultaneously

May 30, 2011 1 comment

Whilst The State is still be able to exert a measure of control over the population, some reactions can be predicted based upon similar circumstances from the past.  I do not think that such controls will last long, but transitory measures will include:

1    Rent control.  In times of hyperinflation, when people are being displaced en masse, it will become mandatory to maintain rents at a set price.  This will effectively, in a short space of time, give people free lodgings.  In this manner governments will keep people off the streets and allow them to maintain a fragile sense of security and a sense of remaining inside a system.  Property owners will be impoverished, even to the point of abandoning their own properties to avoid the property taxes which will continue to rise even as their income is destroyed.

2    Apartments and houses will have ‘spare’ rooms confiscated and the homeless will be arbitrarily housed there.  A person’s home will no longer be his castle, but his prison.  Security issues will ensure that they cannot leave the house.

3    Owning a city or suburban apartment or house will become an unbearable liability.

4    The awareness of the impending problems of owning real estate will cause a mass exit from the market causing a further crash in real estate prices.  Whole suburbs will become uninhabitable to all but druggies and rats… the dogs and cats will already have been eaten.

4    Price controls will be enacted across a wide range of goods and services, particularly in the area of basic foodstuffs.

5    Price controls will lead to shortages and then to a black market.

6    Military checkpoints will be set up on the outskirts of all cities to confiscate black market goods on the way into the cities.  These checkpoints will become corrupted… bribes and shakedowns will become commonplace.  The corruption of checkpoints will seep across to all areas of The State.  The hidden corruption of the current system will become overt.

7    Black markets will survive as nothing else will ensure food supplies reach the cities and towns.

8    Potentially productive farmlands will be confiscated by The State if they are not being used.

9    Commercial crops will be confiscated.

10    Hugely punitive taxes will be levied on anyone with any form of conspicuous wealth.  This will include, but not be restricted to, businesses, income, real estate (particularly investment properties), assessed personal wealth, savings, motor vehicles… in short, anything that can be found and measured in monetary terms.

11    International flows of money will be greatly hindered and in most cases stopped.  Just the fact of having to declare the money will cause it to cease.

12    Military conscription will be re-introduced in the effort to keep unemployed youths from ‘causing trouble’… i.e. protesting the situation.  A use will be found for the soldiers that will ensure that millions of them will cease to be a problem to The State.

13    Everything will be expensive except prostitution which will be cheap.  The value of goods will go up as the value of human life goes down.

14     No stupidity will be overlooked in the efforts of The State to retain its privileged position.

a/    No real estate should be owned close to any city or town.

b/    No expensive property should be owned at all anywhere

c/    The value of overseas ‘tax-havens’ will be severely diminished.  They could even become a threat to survival.

c/    When the crisis hits, be settled where you intend to be settled for the duration of The Problem.  Don’t wait until the last minute to execute your plan.

d/    Nothing visible, or on paper, should be owned other than a non-ostentatious, out-of-town, dwelling and a beaten up vehicle.

e/    Stores and money should be well hidden and completely unknown to others.

f/    Hide your children (this is the hardest one of all)

g/    Anyone who sticks their head up will become a target at this point.  The State’s necessity for creating enemies (distractions) will be of paramount importance.  Whilst someone ‘foreign’ is best, anyone will do.

h/    There is no need for heroics.  The system will collapse under its own weight and contradictory battiness.  Just keep your head down whilst it does so.

The Burden

May 27, 2011 1 comment

What is it that lies between a person and happiness?  What is that vast, yet unseen and mysterious, force that hangs over life like a grey and forbidding storm cloud?

The joie de vie of youth does not maintain; one moment there is a carefree youth, the next a person bent and sullen by a sudden burden too large to easily bear.

The hopes and dreams and enthusiasms of the young become warped and twisted.  Hopes become fears, dreams become resentments and enthusiasm is dampened down by the cold sponge of duty.

And for whom is this duty?  Why to The State of course.  You must work for it, pray for it, sing an anthem to it, speak glowingly of it, wave a flag for it and then, when necessary, either die for it or give up your child to die for it.

What lies between a person and happiness is madness.  That madness is called The State.

The Worst Possible

So you take all these incredibly ignorant, uninformed, misinformed and intellectually immobilised people and you aggregate their  intelligence and from that supposedly is produced a wise, decision-making capability.  It is no wonder that the world seems crazy… it is.  Every choice is the worst choice possible, every decision is the worst decision possible, every leader is the worst leader possible and every result is the worst result possible.  The fact that anything sensible at all every happens is a system-defying miracle.  But that is mere hypothesis, as nothing sensible ever does happen.  The system cannot be denied.

The frayed remnants of a once great civilization will slouch up to and over the cliff still braying self-righteously about social justice.  Then, those few who survive, with broken bones and hideous wounds amongst the mush and blood of the corpses, will demand to know the percentage of deaths broken down into minority categories.  It will never stop until it utterly stops.  We must be there at the bottom of the cliff to hang the survivors lest they manage to slink off in order to return another day.  There must be an end to this cycle of madness.

Whops, I hope that this doesn’t come over as extreme :-0)

Wealth Creation

April 3, 2011 1 comment

The State is observably, demonstrably and historically an impediment to wealth creation.  The maximum wealth creation can only occur in the theoretical absence of The State.

Why ‘theoretical’?

Because even on a desert island with a small group of marooned people there would still be some fatuous idiot trying to tell everyone else how to live their lives.

Beating the System

March 23, 2011 1 comment

It’s a tough world at the best of times.  When The inglorious State is thrown into the mix it becomes absolute hell.

The system is set up so that you cannot win.  If you work hard you will gain the reward of being highly taxed, exhausted and still dirt poor.

But… if you can win then you beat the system.  Enough money ensures your passage out from the system.  The system is there to ensure that you do not have enough leisure time to start thinking for yourself.

Beating the system is freedom; the only freedom there is; the freedom to think for yourself.

It is not possible in the western world to be both poor and free.