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It’s Time Greece

The revolutions not on telly,
There’ll be no X-Box game.
You’ll never know… until you do,
Then life won’t be the same.
Reality will be exposed
When people finally see,
The perks are for the suited jerks,
Never you and me.
All governments are Welfare States
They live off people poor.
They never let us be
And just keep coming back for more.
The brand name doesn’t matter,
They all play the ruling game.
They take from people what they make,
It’s always been the same.
It’s time to burn their buildings
And chase them out of town.
They’re parasites, all of them,
It’s time to take them down.
Will there still be loonies?
There always will be fools.
But when The State has gone
It’s not the loonies making rules.
It’s time to rise up off our knees,
It’s time for freedom’s peace.
It’s time to lead the world again,
It’s time for glory Greece.

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