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Future Taxes

The collapse of paper money will be preceded by a massive tax grab.  Some new taxes are likely to be, but not restricted to:

Real Estate Tax
All property, which in a hyperinflation will soar in nominal value, will be taxed on the ‘profits’!
The profit will be construed to be the rise in value from before the hyperinflation to the value at the point of assessment.  The ‘profit’ of course will be entirely fictional.  This tax will apply to all real estate including residential homes, investment properties, farms and commercial properties.

Capital Tax
Everyone will have their assets assessed and will pay a tax on the whole sum.

Income Tax
This will rise to extraordinary heights, at least 50%.  As wages rise to keep pace with hyperinflation, yet always at least one step behind of course, so people will become ever more impoverished.

‘Unearned’ Income Tax
Any income derived from sources other than immediate work will attract a tax as high as 98%.  If you doubt this then the precedent is England in the late 1960’s.  The Beatles ‘Taxman’ was written to protest the taxes that drove so many great bands out of the UK.

Corporate Tax
Some businesses, if run cleverly, could well make substantial profits.  Particularly those in the area of food production and exports.  Corporate profit tax will be dramatically raised.

Everything Tax
The reality will be that every ‘thing’ will be taxed.  Until this brief period passes it is best to own no ‘thing’… no ‘thing’ that is visible.

During the final denouement of The State’s great hyperinflation it is best to be totally cashed up with no assets whatsoever.  Houses should be rented, cars should be leased, businesses should be sold.

Cash of course should be in the form of gold and silver which are in ones personal possession and hidden.

This period will be the period of maximum State destruction.  All wealth will be destroyed save that which is hidden.  The State will not give up until there is no food left to eat and no wealth left to plunder.  Malnutrition and starvation will be commonplace.  Medical facilities run by The State will cease to function.  All means of production will be stopped, all markets will be destroyed.  Social cohesion will be broken; hatred, fear, mindless violence and despair will be the daily reality.  Neighbour will fight neighbour and fathers will fight sons.  People will blame other races, other religions, other classes, other political parties and other nations.  Wars will be started to distract the population.  Every person will perceive every other person as the enemy.

Only when the nation has been utterly laid waste will The State and its madness go, and in doing so allow people to begin the process of recovery.

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