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The Abyss Reality

I have started to doubt that there will ever be a defining moment at which point people will say: “oh my God, it’s a disaster; quick get out of the system”.  It seems far more likely now that we will continue to advance toward the abyss incrementally, one little tippy-toe at a time.

The Abyss Reality will only dawn on the vast majority of people once they are in freefall.  It will creep up on them so discreetly that it will not at any point interrupt the television show or the X-Box game… until the screen goes blank.

Life itself has become a show contemplated by an audience…Reality is now merely something we look at and think about, not something we experience. In the real world, what is possible is determined by our resources and the limits of our imaginations, but upon this real world a totally fake world – the Spectacle – has been constructed…in our simplest everyday dealings we engage in the construction of social illusions. The spectacle is a constructed reality.

Matt Mason

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