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Hosni Mubarak

The resignation of the dictator Mubarak in Egypt is meaningless.  The people have won a change in the personnel of government.  The system survives.

When people understand that it is the system, not the specific people running the system, that keeps them impoverished then, and only then, can we have real change.

Until that time the delusion that we need leaders and governments will ensure our freedom and standard of living will continue to deteriorate.

Ultimately all civilisations are destroyed by the excesses of its government.  They are never content just to live the life of Riley off the productive but uninformed taxpayers.  Eventually their greed utterly destroys not only themselves, but ‘their’ people whose lives they blight.

Only then, in the complete absence of government, can a new civilisation be built.  That time is not now in Egypt, thus the people will continue to get poorer until eventually they start to starve.  And will they then realize that it is the system that is fucked?  Not a bit of it, they will start to demand the return of Hosni Mubarak.

I really do get a little frustrated at times :-0)

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