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A Sick Economy?

An economy is just the combined transactions of all the people of a nation.

How could an economy be sick if everybody is buying or selling what they want to buy or sell at a price that they find acceptable?

The answer of course is that an economy can never be sick. An economy will always respond in the best possible way to create the lowest possible prices and the highest quality possible goods and services.

No, an economy cannot be sick, but people such as politicians and bankers and well connected corporations with their constant attempts to distort the market by obtaining preferential treatment certainly can be, and are, sick.

Only government has the power to artificially distort the market.

Of course such distortions are always accompanied by wonderful PR about why the distortions are necessary and in the people’s best interests.

Whether The State’s brand name is communist, fascist or socialist, only they gain by distortions to the voluntary market.

How many people today believe that they are well off in this hugely regulated economy? Put down your hands if you are a politician, public servant, banker or suited city financier.

How many hands do you see?

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