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A Fool and Their Money

People are not responsible for debts that were assumed by The State.

The State does not represent the interests of the people.

Any housewife knows not to spend more than household income. Indeed, ‘managing the household budget’ is the derivation of the word ‘economics’.

The debts assumed by The State accord with the definition of ‘Odious Debt’ which means debt never intended to improve the welfare of the people it was purportedly borrowed for and which fact was known by the lenders. Such debt is therefore invalid.

The lenders will get nothing, but then fools and their money have always been parted. Whether they are sovereign fund fools or hedge fund fools is irrelevant.

The real question is what do we do with the political charlatans who created this mess, and the rogues who lent them the money expecting us to pay it off… hhmmm?

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