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Anarchy and Wealth

Some people become wealthy, but most are destined for a life of poverty, or at best, ‘getting by’.

Why this is so is very simple. It has nothing to do with what sort of education they have, or how ‘lucky’ they are, or whether they win the lottery, or being in the right place at the right time, or anything like that at all.

It doesn’t even have to do with whether they are an employer or an employee.

It has to do with what they spend their surplus income on.
There are two different sorts of things to spend money on. They are:
1 Things that fall in value over time and,
2 Things that rise in value over time.

To become wealthy it is only necessary to spend partially in the second category instead of solely in the first.

People who buy in the first category will either never be wealthy, or, if they start off wealthy, will soon be poor.

People who spend wisely in the second category will always become wealthy.

Continually spending in the first category is the only reason that most people remain poor instead of becoming wealthy.

A true anarchist is a productive and creative person who has an income. There is zero merit in being poor. A poor anarchist can’t change anything.

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