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The Invisible Anarchist

The person who is willing to look a short distance beyond the intellectual boundary behind which most people are fenced, quickly comes to an obvious conclusion.

Having reached that conclusion they then seek to amass a hoard of food, water, and money… real money of course, not paper quasi-money.

The thing that is not on most people’s list is invisibility; it is as important as all the others.  Society’s final drop over the edge will be a terrifying, though short lived period.  The State will go barking mad when it realizes that the game is up.

Those in power will crush and destroy everything that thinks or moves in their insane determination to cling on to power.  In their minds they already believe that the survival of the nation is epitomized by the survival of The State.  Thus anything done to preserve The State will be justified… anything.

All pretence that The State exists for the good of the people will be abandoned.  It will be tossed overboard as frantically as someone bailing water from a sinking boat.  The Captain of the Ship of State will throw all the passengers overboard in an effort to save the life of the Ship of State’s.

Do realize, that as they believe that The State is more important than the people, so they also believe that they personally are the incarnation of The State.

Once thinking has degenerated to that point then anything can be justified.

It is the same delusion as existed under the Divine Right of Kings.

Anybody who makes the mistake of being ‘right’ at this point when The State is ‘wrong’ will be persecuted unmercifully.

Be silent.  Look poor.  Eat your food discreetly and frugally.  You too should look like you are losing weight.  Tell no-one, no-one, about your stash of money or food.

There will come a time when you can ‘come out of the closet’, but do not come out too early or you will quickly move from the closet to the casket.

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