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Government Gone Mad

The U.S. Democrat administration and Congress are paralysed with fear.  For political reasons they are unable to create more debt; for the same reason they are unable to announce the necessary vast cuts to spending and entitlements.

Obama and his truly gormless financial experts (he inherited them from the Republicans) stand blinking and panicked as the unstoppable light of exposure bears down on them.

When the light arrives it will mean martial law.  That is the last refuge of all States in their final days.

Sometimes martial law is successful in delaying the day of reckoning for a few more months or years.

In the land of gun ownership martial law will fail sooner rather than later and the Disunited States will become the new political reality… just as most of the Founding Fathers intended.

In political extremis it is only an armed citizenry that can defend themselves against a government gone mad.

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