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Free Government Programs

The first country to institute universal free health care was Germany back in the 19th century.  Some people became too expensive to treat so Germany then became the first country to institute forcible euthanasia.  To their credit that was also free.  Germany was very progressive.

That program of euthanasia for the ‘too expensive to treat’ then marched bravely ahead into euthanasia for those who seemed impossible to treat and thus was born our current ‘mental health’ system.  This was also a world first.

Next came the extermination of the politically and religiously undesirable, but that was not a world first.  Fortunately a war saved us from finding out what the next German world first was.

When a nutty idea is taken up it can morph into most peculiar outcomes.  The further and longer it goes the nastier and nuttier it becomes as the German example admirably demonstrates.

It is important to understand when political parties offer free programs that they are not… free that is.  Nothing is free.  Are you prepared to work for free?  Neither am I.  Politicians certainly aren’t.  Not only are they disinclined to work for free, they are disinclined to work at all.  That is why they are politicians.  Because they are disinclined to work they are inexperienced in life and thus are a wonderful source of nutty ideas.

The offer of anything for free is a nutty idea.  Why would anyone give away anything for free?  Well they wouldn’t of course, unless they expect something of at least equal value in return.

How can a government give away something for ‘free’.  They can’t as governments don’t have any money other than what they extract from you and I.  In the example of health care, are doctors or nurses or ambulance drivers or cleaners or porters or receptionists willing to work for free?  Unfortunately the answer is ‘no’ there also.  Their utter negativity to the whole concept is predicated upon a selfish desire to be able to buy food and heating and other bourgeois material goods.

Know as an absolute truth that when governments offer a free service that it is going to provide a service that

a/          is more expensive than any provided by the voluntary market and that,

b/         is less efficient than the voluntary market and that,

c/         has a product worse than the voluntary market and that,

d/         will drive out honest and better quality opposition because it does not have to make a profit and that,

e/         you are going to pay the bill for all the above.

Everything that is ‘free’ is paid for by you and me.  There is no one else.

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