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Anarchy 2012

Anarchy is the promotion of a transition to a higher state of consciousness by humanity.  That transition will never, and can never, occur in the presence of governments.

Governments are the final god of the willfully ignorant.

Faith in The State is born of the same delusion as the human sacrifices of the Mayans; indeed, The State conducts a form of group sacrificial offerings even more primitive that the Mayans.

At least the Mayans offerings were restricted to a few unfortunate individuals.

The suffering that accompanies sacrifice to false gods is now  spread by The State over the whole populace.

With the exception of the high priests themselves of course.  Our elites, the high priests of The State, are not subject to the same threatened and degraded existence.

Though they do of course degrade themselves by their actions.  That is why, as The State approaches ever closer to its ultimate expression, so it closes in on the moment of its own destruction.

Could it be that when the Mayans predicted 2012 as the final moment of existence, it was not the existence of humanity they were discussing, it was the existence of The State?

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