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Gold Confiscation-It Will Happen

We are entering an era of utter economic collapse.  Another month, a year, three years… who knows?  Governments will not stop until every single last piece of wealth and civilisation has been destroyed.

Most people cannot intellectually grapple with this concept.  Those who are not themselves desire power over the lives of others struggle to contemplate the motives of those who do.  They do not wish to believe that motives can be so ignoble.  They see through the eyes of normality and cannot comprehend that there are others who view the world quite differently.  They believe that governments will step back from the brink.  There is no historical precedent to support this belief.

Governments will do anything to sustain their power, delusions of superiority and lifestyles for as long as possible… no matter what the cost to ordinary people.

What will be the practical consequences of this?

No person can claim to see all the consequences, but here is one that is written in stone.

Gold (probably not silver) will be confiscated.  The objections to this are mostly based on the idea that confiscation of privately held gold will be too difficult to prosecute.  These views are profoundly naïve.

Gold is money and nothing else is.  Do you really believe that whilst thrashing around in their death throes governments will not seek to get their hands on the world’s only (by then) acceptable money?

Try this for size.  The government offers a 10% reward for anyone informing on someone who is subsequently found to possess gold bullion or coins.

How many people have you spoken to about your stash of gold?  Do you trust them all?

Okay, now try to imagine the scenario where civil society has crumbled, where food is short and violence is common.  A scenario where fear of the internal security forces is widespread and justified and where people scratch and scrabble for money and food just to stay alive.  Now… here’s the question again: do you trust them all?

The end of the State is likely to be a short-lived, but vicious and violent affair.  Even the pretence by those in power that they act in the interests of the people will be abandoned.

Those prescient enough to have stored bullion should be very careful.  Most bullion is owned by people who are smart enough to have looked into the future and made a call.  It may be time that you did so again.

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