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Saving the Little Guy

The excuse given by governments for bailing out the big bankers is that without the bailouts the little guy would have been crushed.

Where did the vast amounts of money come from that governments gave to the banking elite?  It came from the only source of income that governments have… the little guy.

What governments all over the world have done is to lay taxation and inflation onto the working people in order to support big business political donors.

Our governments have deliberately and knowingly crushed the working people.  It is not the first time.

Over the last 100 years the whole system of western government, our much revered democracy, has been utterly corrupted by a political elite who spend much of their time posing as friends of the workers.  With friends like that who needs enemies.

Every single piece of governments legislation is one more nail in the coffin of the working people, and one more nail in the coffin of freedom.

Usually there is so much time between government action and the damaging results that working people fail to make the connection.  This time will be different.  Events are moving quickly.

When the working people of the world are again impoverished by the coming depression they will remember the trillions handed over by governments to the banking elite.

Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely is a piece of wisdom that is about to impact upon the little guy.  The little guy who worked hard and honestly all his life and finds himself in the soup line is going to be as mad as hell.

The one big corruption that underpins all government corruption is their ability to determine what people must by law use as money.

When government control of money is removed then all the corruption associated with that power will vanish overnight.

That will be the day that the little guy is really saved.

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