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Hanged from Lampposts

Our system of unrestrained democracy has ensured that only the very worst with the most base of motives aspire to politics.

At the end they will not go easily, but they will go.  Along with the greed and the lust for power over others goes stupidity.  No intelligent person could ever misread the true nature of politics.  No truly intelligent person lusts for power over others.

So politicians will be hanged from lampposts or will flee and hope never to be recognised.  If you are of a vengeful disposition I would suggest that you collect photos of the current villains now so that ‘Wanted’ posters can be printed later.  Internet sites bearing their likenesses will be pulled down one day.

A new age of individual responsibility would be better started by the realization that badly intentioned as they were, it was us who elected these ratbags, and us who tolerated the system that allowed such people to hold sway over our lives.  We are all responsible for not only what has happened, but what is coming.


And only then will it be over.  Only then can we begin to build a better world with an honest money at the base of our system of exchange.

As the distortions of pseudo money have rippled out across civilisation’s pond, so the pond has become fouled with immorality, a breakdown in spiritual awareness and the weakening of not only common sense, but common decency.

When the end comes it would be well to be prepared to take care of yourself and your family.  It would also be well to prepare your neighbours, for they will still be your neighbours for the period of chaos and beyond.

Understand now that you will not be going anywhere.  Unless you have already prepared a location elsewhere you are probably too late.

What you need right now is a plentiful supply of:





Friends… many, many of them

The chaos will be short-lived, but scary to most.  Those who are entirely unprepared both mentally and provisionally will struggle to survive.  If they are otherwise worthwhile people they will probably get by on the charity of those with more foresight.

Government has eaten itself.  The future is looking good.  The short period after the collapse will see genuine pain.  But always remember, the opposite of government is not chaos, it is freedom.

The State is the final God of the willfully ignorant..  The subjects are a locked in congregation who complacently sit before the self-righteous, self-serving and frothy-mouthed fulminations of their fire and brimstone political leaders.  The key to the door is held by the congregation, not the State.

The concept of government is an anachronism that has no place in the 21st century.  Truth be told it has had no place since the dawn of the Agricultural Age, but old habits die hard.  Government is an absurdity even by the most casual of inspection.

The opposite of government control is not the anarchy depicted in the comic literature that passes for the modern press; it is harmony, prosperity and technological advances beyond the imagination of the script writers of Star Trek (good description Doug Casey).

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